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By choosing the right partners, you can keep up your security momentum by implementing the most effective technologies across a wider portfolio, get them working together and release longer-term value.

Resolving the cyber conundrum
Resolving the cyber conundrum

With security incidents going up and IT budgets going down, you may be left with the question: budget or security? But it doesn’t have to be the case of one or the other.

Trevor, our Specialist Sales Manager, discusses the four steps to gaining security value in our thought leadership piece.

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Security-as-a-Partnership - Webinar series

Our cyber experts and key partners delve into some of today’s most important security topics. Tune in to find out how you can stay better protected.

Connect the dots with Softcat and Mimecast

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Layering up with Softcat, Mimecast and Crowdstrike

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Automate and Operate with Softcat, Mimecast and Rapid7

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Detect and protect with Softcat, Mimecast and Splunk

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Power of Platforms with Softcat, Mimecast and Palo Alto

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Integrating and intelligence sharing with Softcat, Mimecast and Netskope

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Our Key Security Ecosystems Partners

To maximise overall effectiveness, all security services, Mimecast included, must be able to share incident data, automate regular or crucial tasks and help respond to incidents across the organisation. Mimecast’s range of complementary email and related security services on our platform are already tightly internally integrated as a result of the microservice-based development on the Mime|OS platform.

Mimecast and CrowdStrike protect organisations at both the Secure Email Gateway and on Endpoint devices. Now joint customers can enhance incident protection through the integration of these industry leading platforms.

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The Mimecast and Rapid7 integration allows you to integrate tools, processes, automate routine tasks and accelerate your security operations working both with Insight connect (Rapid7's SOAR product) and Insight IDR (Rapid7's SIEM tool). Strong security requires visibility and situational awareness. The integrations allow you to generate alerts from both email and web security events detected by Mimecast in Rapid7 InsightIDR and streamline the workflows to resolve what were once time consuming processes.

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Automate prevention and remediation while maximising your security investments. With Palo Alto Networks and Mimecast, you can decrease your security risk by ensuring consistent and enhanced incident detection and prevention across network, endpoint, cloud and email.

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Combined, Netskope and Mimecast supply a powerful, extensible platform for securing email, cloud applications, and web access. Using granular visibility and contextual controls and data and threat protection across web, email, and cloud applications, the integrated solutions offer a modern defense in-depth design that benefits organisations of all sizes.

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Email continues to be a vulnerable platform and requires securing against incidents, whilst also being a tool that provides valuable data to your Security Operations Teams. You can correlate security events detected by Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection and the Secure Email Gateway with other security systems, all connected to Splunk Enterprise – allowing security analysts to detect incidents and attacks quickly and accurately.

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Our Videos

Introducing Softcat Unscripted: A conversation with Mimecast.
View our videos for exclusive insights and experiences from Adam Louca, Chief Technologist Team Leader for Security at Softcat and Johan Dreyer, Director of Sales Engineering at Mimecast as they discuss Cyber Security Ecosystems and the benefits of integrations.

Best of Breed vs Best of Brand

The Importance of the Ecosystem

Why Mimecast for
Ecosystem integration

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