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By adopting a singular security platform via one partner, you can better understand costs, gain more predictable pricing and increase visibility with one single, cohesive view, while benefiting from a long term, strategic investment that grows with you.

Five things to consider with Security-as-a-Platform
Five things to consider with Security-as-a-Platform

Finding success with Security-as-a-Platform requires a few initial steps. You need to get to know your current security investments and priorities, and your plans for the future, to make sure you’re partnering with the right partner.

Our infographic takes you on the five-step journey to a healthier security ecosystem with Security-as-a-Platform.

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Security-as-a-Platform - Webinar series

Our cyber experts and key partners delve into some of today’s most important security topics, and how Security-as-a-Platform can help you stay better protected. Watch to find out more.

Platforms for Secure Digital Transformation with Trend Micro

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Simplifying cloud, network and user security with Check Point

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Putting data first in your SASE solution with Forcepoint

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How well equipped are you against cyber incidents? Find out with Sophos

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Securing the workforce, the workplace and the workload with Cisco

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Our security ecosystem partners

Check Point Infinity is Check Point’s cyber security platform to secure organisations’ users, networks, and cloud infrastructure. It is available on an annual subscription-per-user license, with Softcat offering a fully managed service around it. This means customers have access to Check Point’s security tools within a simple licensing structure, which can be fully managed by a highly trained and experienced team of engineers.

Reduce complexity, strengthen your operations, and give your team time back in their day. We know you want to empower a remote, mobilized workforce while fully securing across your endpoints, network, cloud and applications. Cisco's SecureX platform is the industry's broadest, most integrated platform.

Forcepoint’s data-first SASE platform goes beyond simply providing safe access—it safeguards the usage of data consistently everywhere. Unlike access-focused solutions, a data-first approach to SASE boosts productivity and reduces risk, allowing you to improve access to your data, apps and services and secure data anywhere it’s used.

Sophos provide; more visibility of your environment and threats, the opportunity to detect threats earlier and early warnings to your security teams. They consolidate different solutions into one centrally managed dashboard, Sophos Central. In addition to enterprise-wide visibility and management of both endpoints and perimeter security, they connect sites across your geographically distributed network, through Sophos.

Trend Micro’s cybersecurity platform delivers wide-scale threat defence. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, their cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organisations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints.

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Implement API integration solutions and products from across a range of different partners, with Security-as-a-Partnership